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Robin Schulz remixes David Guetta and Sia’s ‘Let’s Love’

Robin Schulz has just released his remix of David Guetta and Sia‘s smash-hit ‘Let’s Love’.

Dutch superstar, Robin Schulz, is known for delivering the best dancefloor hits. From his remix to Mr. Probz’ ‘Waves’, to his 2014 remix of Lily and the Prick‘s song ‘Prayer in C’, he leaves no stone unturned in the EDM world. Schulz is back to present his newest remix release of David Guetta and Sia’s ‘Let’s Love.

‘Let’s Love‘ was originally released earlier this year by the duo, which has already amassed 28 million streams on Spotify alone. David Guetta and Sia have teamed up in the past (in fact, ‘Let’s Love’ makes this their 9th collaborative release) and brought us some of the most famous, yet danceable songs in EDM history, such as ‘Titanium’, ‘Bang My Head’, and ‘Flames’.

Schulz’s remix opens up with a generous piano melody, allowing for Sia’s voice to make a grand entrance. The track is drowned in reverb, but it fits so well as it allows an amazing build around symphonic melodies. Wonderful piano and violin melodies surround the breakdown that squeezes themself between a familiar kick and hat combo. Robin Schulz does an impeccable job preserving the soul of the original, yet adds his own spin which makes for a good old classic Schulz remix.

Listen to Robin Schulz remix of David Guetta and Sia’s ‘Let’s Love’ below:

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Image Credit: Courtesy Warner Music Group / Provided by Atlantic Records