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Review: Slate Digital – Fresh Air [Free Plugin]

Slate Digital is one of the finest music equipment and software manufacturers out there. They are expanding their vast range of high-quality mixing and effect plugins by releasing a free plugin called Fresh Air. Fresh Air is available to download from Slate Digital’s website starting Black Friday i.e. 27th November. Down below is our review of the plugin.



Fresh Air is a very simple plugin with quite a user-friendly interface. The plugin primarily has 2 knobs i.e. Mid Air & High Air. As the name suggests the first knob is for adding harmonics in the mids section and the other for the high end. As told by Slate Digital, it is based on vintage exciter circuits & state-of-the-art dynamics processing. There are quite a few plugins in the market that help you add harmonics to your sounds however the majority of them end up making the sound distorted. Fresh Air on the contrary does this job pretty well as it allows the user to add just the right amount of brilliance & shine to your mix. Be it vocals, synths, or drums Fresh Air does a decent job on most of what you supply to it. We can definitely see this plugin being used over industry-standard plugins like OTT or Soundtoys Decapitator for adding harmonics in some use cases.




The plugin is a free download starting 27th November 2020. Catering to the simplicity of the plugin and its ability to solve a very common issue of music production, we would definitely recommend this plugin to music producers and sound engineers out there.



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