Solomun goes punk with new single ‘Kreatur der Nacht’: Listen

Solomun, one of the most renowned maestros of electronic music shares with the world his brand new single ‘Kreatur der Nacht’, accompanied by a powerful music video. While the situation does not allow you to dance to the magic sound that Mladen Solomun makes behind the decks, delight yourselves with the new music that comes from his talent in music production.

‘Kreatur der Nacht’ is the second single known from the Bosnian-German artist’s forthcoming album – his first in eleven years – set to be released next Spring. This punk-inspired track was released on November 27 via NINL – Solomun’s new label – and comes right after Home, released last month. ‘Kreatur der Nacht’ was created in collaboration with the German indie-rock formation Isolation Berlin with the ambition of fulfilling a long-standing desire, as Solomun explains:

“As a child of the 80s I had wanted to make a track with this special feeling for a long time, one which is playing with the punk and new wave appeal of that time (…) So I was very happy that the band Isolation Berlin and I got together last year and the track ‘Kreatur der Nacht’ was born.”

It is safe to say that Solomun has successfully fulfilled his ambition. The track exudes that punk vibe. During its 4 minutes and 55 seconds, the track perfectly combines the grunge and aggressive spirit of the 80s with the refined sounds and techniques of modern electronic music. ‘Kreatur der Nacht’ is cold, dirty, delinquent, hard and magnificent. The powerful and aggressive vocals of the talented Isolation Berlin give it a claiming – almost political – character, inviting to sink into the guts of Berlin. There’s no doubt that the vocals carry a lot of weight in the composition, but they don’t stifle the refinement of the musical mesh signed by Mladen Solomun. The pounding snares and the metallic bassline were exquisitely created and perfectly combined with the sore vocal. By listening to this beauty it’s almost possible to smell and feel an industrial scene. The music itself gives a sensory experience, but all of this is perfectly illustrated in a powerful music video.

Shot by Golden Globe-winning director and producer Fatih Akin, the video shows the protagonist wandering the dark streets, walking into a leather-clad punk crowd while the track plays. It is a lonely journey towards dancing freedom. The short film faithfully illustrates the great power of Solomun’s music: to strip us of our bodies and free our spirit. About the music video, Fatih Akin says:

“Mladen (Solomun) mixes his signature contemporary Sound with the New Wave of the early 80s, that also shaped me. Artefacts of this culture repeatedly appear in my work. (…) That’s why it was a huge gift for me to be able to have a go at this epic track, visually and narratively. It is the Solomun just the way I love and cherish him, who gave me the chance to personally express myself here.”

‘Kreatur der Nacht’ means ‘Creature of the Night’ and that’s what we all want to be after getting in touch with this magnificent track. The sound is past, present and future and a naughty invitation to a dance floor meeting. The track is available for purchase or stream and the video can be seen below.

Image Credit: Solomun Press / Provided by Measure PR UK