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Soundtoys offers massive discounts on Plugins for Black Friday Sale

The annual Black Friday period does not only mean discounts on clothes, electronic equipment, and toys. At the turn of November and December, music producers and sound engineers can (and should) also go into a shopping frenzy. At a time when digital solutions are mainly used in the production of music, having countless professional plug-ins and VSTs is the order of the day. Many beginner producers, who have to reconcile music creation with work or school, find it difficult to put aside enough money to buy a plug-in or VST that is used by their favourite music producers/DJs. The prices of the best products often reach hundreds of dollars. With Black Friday approaching, more and more world-class audio brands are launching powerful promotions for their products. One of them is Soundtoys – a brand whose plug-ins combine the sound and climate of classic analog equipment with modernity, bringing unprecedented character, color, and creativity to digital studios of thousands of music creators. Now thru December 3, 2020, Soundtoys’ products are available with powerful discounts, reaching up to -70% OFF! Here’s a full list of amazing Soundtoys Black Friday deals:

best black friday deals 2020

Best Soundtoys Black Friday 2020 Deals


  1. Soundtoys 5 Plugin Bundle – $229.00 (from $499.00) 

Bundle with all 21 Soundtoys plug-ins – Crystallizer, Decapitator, EchoBoy, Little AlterBoy, EchoBoy Jr., Little Plate, PrimalTap, Devil-Loc Deluxe, Radiator, MicroShift, Tremolator, Sie-Q, FilterFreak, PhaseMistress, PanMan, Little MicroShift, Little PrimalTap, Little Radiator, & Devil-Loc. This deal from Soundtoys definitely goes up in our Top 5 Black Friday 2020 deals. 


  1. Soundtoys Effect Rack – $129.00 (from $299.00)

A creative multi-effects system made by 14 world-class Soundtoys’ effects plugins like Tremolator, PrimalTap, EchoBoy, or FilterFreak.


  1. Soundtoys Decapitator Analog Saturator – $69.00 (from $199.00)

Decapitator has five different analog saturation models and analog-modeled tone control for shaping contour of the saturation – essence of analog hardware sound. Soundtoys Decapitator is at a whopping 65% off discount this Black Friday. 


  1. Little PrimalTap – $29.00 (from $79.00)

If you looking for a product that is giving you echo, loop, warp, mangle, and distort, this twisted little delay is a must-have.


  1. EchoBoy – $69.00 (from $199.00)

EchoBoy is the ultimate echo easy-to-use plug-in designed with musicians in mind with over 25 different echo styles.


  1. Crystallizer – $39.00 (from $149.00)

Crystallizer’s – plug-in based on Eventide H3000’s reverse algorithm – mission is to transform instruments using a combination of pitch shifting and reversed echo.


  1. Little AlterBoy – $39.00 (from $99.00) 

Simple plug-in with a huge range of vocal transformations for dramatic voice alteration.


  1. FilterFreak – $39.00 (from $149.00)

FilterFreak is a plug-in capturing the magical ‘analog’ sound & recreating sounds of classic analog resonant filters.


  1. Radiator – $39.00 (from $129.00)

Love this thing – instant vibe – I used it on drums and vocals on a mix that was very straight and polite and it added such great character to both. Really loved how it made both sound much more real and energetic.” – Billy Bush


  1. Devil-Loc Deluxe – $39.00 (from $129.00)

Thanks to the Devil-Loc Deluxe compressor you can crush & pound drums with a lot of creative flexibility.


  1. PhaseMistress – $39.00 from $129.00

PhaseMistress’s key effect is phase shifting, from funk-laced guitars to jazz-fusion keys. The plug-in has over 60 different built-in phasing styles!


  1. Tremolator – $39.00 (from $129.00)

This plug-in emulates the analog tremolo/auto-gate effect and has unmatched auto-gate rhythmic control, but not only…


    12. Little Plate – $39.00 (from 99.00)

Electromechanical reverb inspired by the original EMT 140 plate reverb with warm, rich, and spacious sound.


  1. EchoBoy Jr. – $39.00 (from $99.00) 

Analog echo modeler with seven iconic echo emulations – Studio Tape, Plex, Space, Cheap Tape, Memory, Ambient, Transmitter.



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