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Spitfire Audio launches Black Friday Sale 2021

Spitfire has been collecting the most extraordinary sample libraries for film score production over the years. Music composers like Hans Zimmer and Eric Whitacre are advocates and participants in Spitfire’s huge library as its covering all of the samples used in the best-selling movies of all time. Spitfire is launching its black weekend sale including huge discounts, deals, and the return of a historical library. We are here to talk about Spitfire’s Black Friday Sale of 2021 starting 25th November. Also don’t forget to check out our special page where we highlight the best deals on presets, bundles, sample packs, courses, etc for Black Friday 2021.


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Spitfire’s Black Friday Sale of 2021 


Spitfire is offering huge discounts on their elite sample libraries making them affordable for a vast number of upcoming music producers. The products that are going on sale are spitfire solo strings, chamber strings, abbey road one: orchestral foundations, Albion One, BBC Symphony Orchestra. Along with these libraries, Spitfire is bringing back Aperture Orchestra for a limited amount of time.  The instruments, orchestras, and collaborations are 40% off whereas the collections are up to 80% off including normal libraries like the Ton, Spitfire Studio Orchestra Professional, Symphony complete, SSO chamber edition, Zimmer professional, and the premium library collections such as Spitfire Audio everything, Spitfire Audio platinum, and Spitfire Audio gold. Aperture Orchestra, which marks its return for a short period of time contains a 6GB sized library granting you access to new levels of expression by controlling dynamics and emotions within 1 library as this black edition is FREE when spending €349 or more during the black weekend. More than 100 libraries are within this huge Spitfire sale and waiting for you to use in your next music project.



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