Superfunk unveil new stereo mix of biggest hit ‘Lucky Star’

Founded in 1998, the French electronic group Superfunk went on to release one of the biggest hits of the 90s just a year after the group’s inception in 1999. The hit in question? ‘Lucky Star’, of course! If you haven’t heard this hit then you’re truly missing out as it is simply timeless. At the time, ‘Lucky Star’ sold over 4 million copies worldwide including 500,000 in France alone, and it exploded beyond any of the group members’ wildest imaginations. The group, formed of Fabrice TexierMR Hamdi and Stéphane Bonan (rest in piece) then went on to be global superstars, with an impressive discography to follow.

Now, 20 years on as Superfunk get ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the track which features Ron Carroll, they’re doing something special for fans. ‘Lucky star 20th Anniversary Mix’ is now out to be enjoyed by the masses. Considered the very last hit of the 90’s, this is a treasured song within the dance music community, and it’s incredible how its withstood the test of time to become iconic even 20 years later, still enjoyed by so many people.

Released by Balagan Music and Wagram Music, the Anniversary Mix hones in on every element that makes the original so successful, and gives us something to dance about. You can listen to the new mix below along with an extended version, and stream the original track here.

Image credit: Facebook

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