The Gorillaz team up with Beck for their latest single ‘The Valley of the Pagans’: Listen

Earlier this year the digital-animated band Gorillaz released their ambitious album Song Machine, which takes the form of a number of “episodes” designed to make the most of their visual aspect. Now they’ve released the latest single from the album, The Valley Of The Pagans, and it features an artist we wouldn’t normally cover in the shape of American singer-songwriter Beck.

For those unaware, Beck made his name as an experimental lo-fi artist in the 1990s, with multiple platinum selling albums and Grammy Awards, and its a fairly decent fit. Of course, in reality The Gorillaz are the brainchild of artist Jamie Hewlett and musician and former Blur member Damon Albarn, who throughout his career has made a name for mixing and mashing different genres and style much like Beck himself. The result is a fairly catchy pop record that has echoes of Gorillaz previous hit Feel Good Inc“, though it would also be fair to say it feels slightly over-wrought in places with something of a “everything but the kitchen sink” attitude to how much can be thrown into one production.

The real interest however, as ever with Gorillaz is that fact The Valley Of The Pagans has a Grand Theft Auto inspired video which has the group driving around a fictional Los Angeles. You can hear the track below via YouTube and let us know your thoughts in the comments section on our social media channels!


Image Credit: Gorillaz / Supplied by Warner Music Australia