TroyBoi shines light on ‘Mother Africa’ and donates proceeds to Save The Children

Always on another level in the music industry, TroyBoi is a true “O.G” who is definitely not new to the game. Blessing his fanbase with a series of releases that range from bass, trap, and hip-hop, TroyBoi is always one step ahead when it comes to creating music in the portrayal of the type of vibe he is feeling. Creating a powerful connection with his audience through his versatile sound production, this producer’s grimy, yet innovative signature sound is all we need in our lives. Easily one of the most humble producers out there, TroyBoi is bringing it back to his roots with the release of “Mother Africa” out now on Elysian Records.

Originally intended to release as part of his upcoming V!BEZ VOL 4 EP, TroyBoi officially announced he would drop this single as a stand-alone due to the current events happening in Africa. As humble as always, TroyBoi made the decision to donate a portion of the proceeds from his streams to the humanitarian organization Save The Children. With the organization’s goal to help children be “healthy, educated, and safe” around the world, it only made sense to TroyBoi to take the steps forward to make a difference and assist children in need during this difficult time. As the mighty tune incorporates traditional African chants alongside a slice of vibrant and distorted trap-infused beats, TroyBoi did not hold back on this one to deliver a strong message through his music.

Listen to “Mother Africa” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo Credits: TroyBoi Press

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