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UK nightclubs are on the verge of ‘extinction’, according to new report

That’s because the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) have warned that nightclubs are on the brink of “extinction” in the UK. Speaking in a new statement about nightclubs and music venues, which have remained closed since March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the NTIA has warned that despite minimal government funding, the current financial provisions available for clubs are either substantially less than the required operating costs. while other businesses do not fit the criteria, adding:

“Pre-COVID, there were over 1400 Nightclubs across the UK, but these numbers are reducing daily. Without a roadmap for reopening and with growing financial pressures from dwindling cash reserves, commercial rent and loan debt, many are being forced to close the doors and hand the keys back.”

The news comes as a crushing blow for British ravers, who had hoped they could return to their old hunting grounds ASAP, but despite positive vaccine news from companies such as Pfizer, the race is now on to see which clubs will be able to keep their heads above water until the injection is successfully rolled out to the majority of the nation. Whilst anti-vaccine conspiracists sit at home speculating about Bill Gates and his microchips, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the successfully inoculated will be dancing together once again.

Image Credit: Luke Dyson / Provided by We Are Full Fat

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