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Ultra Taiwan 2020 unites music community and releases spectacular aftermovie

Just when we thought we would not be experiencing an in-person festival in 2020, Ultra Taiwan proved that dreams really do come true for the electronic music community. Anyone who caught the two-day festival live-stream can attest to the goosebumps given during the immersive sets delivered by Alesso, SLANDER, Kayzo, Vini Vici, RayRay, and many more internationally recognized artists. From inducing psytrance to colossal amounts of bass, Ultra Taiwan 2020 clearly not disappoint their attendees and they have bottled up many of the magical moments into a mesmerizing official aftermovie.

United through the love of music, Ultra Taiwan’s recap will always hold a special place for many of us as they provide hope for the future of music festivals. With a strong sense of pride throughout the official recap video, Taiwan has earned full bragging rights as they continue to impress us with their ability to effectively handle the COVID-19 crisis. Highlighting its top-notch audio and visual production, Ultra Taiwan has once again exceeded all expectations from previous years. With stargazing fireworks and eclectic sets, it was a special moment for all of us including the Ultra team and artists who brought this event to life both in-person and virtually. For now, all we can say is thank you Ultra Taiwan for instilling hope in us of moving closer to experiencing live events soon.

Check out the official aftermovie below and let us know what you think in the comments.


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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