Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner & Kill The Noise – Battlestations

Wolfgang Gartner and Kill The Noise unite for a debut collaboration track which is not only thrilling and upbeat, it is the partnership of two dance music virtuosos that came unexpectedly. The new track is called ‘Battlestations’ and it is truly the best of both worlds. This track is abundant in every sense of the word: filled with playful and uplifting melodies, a bass that hits all the right spots, robotic vocals that pop in at perfect times, and a final drop that perfectly unites the characteristics of both artists. All of that makes this tune absolutely phenomenal and a candidate for becoming one of those songs that you just can’t get enough of.

Fans of Kill The Noise will probably remember a particular Twitch performance that happened recently in October, where the producer expressed his admiration for Gartner. Gartner goes on to explain the creative and collaborative process to the specific track:

“‘Battlestations’ is the first collaboration between me and Kill The Noise, although we’ve known each other for about 10 years and [have] been fans of each others’ music. It is by far the most beastly and complicated project I’ve ever worked on—Kill The Noise and I are both perfectionists and unwilling to settle for anything less than amazing. The result is almost three different songs in one, but tied together in a way that retains continuity and flow, and I’m extremely proud of it.”


Check out “Battlestations” from Wolfgang Gartner and Kill The Noise below!


Image Credit: Rukes.com