Update on Xfer Serum & u-he Black Friday Deals & Alternatives

Plugin manufacturers Xfer & u-he are one of the most popular companies in the music production market. Their synthesizers have become industry standard and pretty much every music producer across the globe is well familiar with their plugins Serum & Diva to name a few. Music producers and audio engineers anticipated a Black Friday 2021 Sale on Xfer Serum & u-he synths like Diva, Zebra 2 however we won’t be witnessing any sale on these big guns this year. Yet, if you are looking for plugins to add to your production arsenal there are some great alternatives that have some interesting deals going on at the moment. Down below is a list of plugin alternatives to Xfer Serum & u-he Diva/Zebra 2. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.



1. Phase Plant + Toolbox PROFESSIONAL – $199.00 (from $796.00)

Phase Plant is a very powerful synth that gives you access to a number of generators, effects, and modulators talking about 4 types of signal generators, full effect chain in the preset, modulation station, and the Snapin component which contains effects like an EQ, bit crusher, chorus, comb filter, compressor, delay, and distortion. This Black Friday deal is amongst our top 5 list and indeed quite a tough competitor for Serum.



2. Reveal Sound Spire – $99.00 (from $199)

Spire somehow got overshadowed by the massive popularity of plugins such as Serum & Diva. However, the plugin has some enormous potential to open new realms of synthesis for you. Spire contains 4x multimodule oscillators, a unique unison engine, superb sound filtering, and much more. On top of it, Spire does have a Black Friday Sale going on. Definitely worth checking out.



3. Native Instruments Massive X- $99.5 (from $199)

Massive is one of the most sold products by Native Instruments. Massive has also received support from so many leading music producers. Massive X is a revamped version of Massive and has many additional features. Native Instruments also releases a lot of expansion packs for Massive X so you won’t ever feel short of presets or inspiration. Currently available for 50% off this Black Friday.




4. Pigments 3 – $105.00 (from $247.00)

Arturia Pigments 2 comes in with 2 engines in parallel, 2 filters, an effects section, an advanced modulation system, a visual interface, and a polyrhythmic sequencer & arpeggiator. You can also import your own samples or load them into one of 6 different slots, edit them, and let them fit perfectly into your production.





5. Equator 2 – $199.00 (from $249.00)

ROLI Equator 2 plugin comes with over 1300 presets ranging from vintage synths, organs, and pianos to woodwinds, orchestral strings, and pads, 224 new wavetables, 6 instances of 4 source types such as wavetable, granular, multi-sampler, and noise, extensive modulation, creative effects, and routing. This new plugin from ROLI is definitely worth checking out.



6. SUBSTANCE – $129.00 (from $199.00)

Output’s Substance engine blends 3 signal layers together by using FX, filters, modulation, arpeggiator, and macros. Probably one of the best plugins for creating basses. Learn more about substance down below.



7. Parallels – $99.00(from $149.00)

Parallels is a soft-synth containing dual wave scanning source sections, 2 parallel sources blending sounds together, up to 14 voices, hundreds of presets from the best artists in the music scene, 3 analog-modeled filter types, LFO, Euclidian sequences, step sequences, envelopes, and an FX unit containing distortion, chorus, flanger, delay, and reverb.



We hope this alternatives list helps you in procuring your next plugin.


Image Credits: Cgtrader


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