Fatboy Slim

Yum Yum Head Food – The Voice of Experience

‘The Voice of Experience’ is the latest track by Yum Yum Head Food. Although it may not be that recognized by many, it is an alias used by the legendary British DJ and Producer Fatboy Slim, a name that certainly sounds familiar to many. The song is part of the upcoming album ‘Back to Mine,’ set to be released on the 6th of November. The producer posted on Twitter,

“Yum Yum Head Food was an album I made just to play for my friends when we all went back to mine. This track has never been released before, you could say this track was therefore purposefully built for this Back To Mine album.”

With a big dreamy and wonder-felling vibe, the track is a mix of synths and sounds that put you in a super chilled and peaceful mood. This is perfect for listening to when you get home after a party or night out, which was the main objective when Yum Yum Head Food decided to create this masterpiece. In an older statement, the man behind this alias also said,

“Over the years there has been so much action back at mine, so many friends, lovers, and lunatics who would congregate after the clubs had closed to laugh, share and swap ideas and tunes and generally put the world to rights. This is a collection from the soundtrack of those sessions. Music for the heads rather than just the hips. Straight from the lounge of the funk soul brother.”

Watch the album preview here.

‘The Voice of Experience’ is now available on Spotify!

Image Credit: Rukes.com