Zopke brings us ambitious immersive music with ‘Believe’: Listen

French immersive music producer Zopke shares with us his new work and promises to stir the waters. ‘Believe‘ is the name of his latest single released via 3D Sound Records, available since November 20 along with a powerful music video.

If the name Zopke and the term immersive music doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry, we’ll fix that right away.

Close your eyes and listen. Feel the sounds surrounding, embracing and entering into you. Behind, on the sides, underneath… the music takes hold of your mind and body and kidnaps you to another dimension where your matter merges with the layers of the melody. It may sound like science fiction, but it is the immersive music experience. This kind of sound makes our mind travel and build a series of images that illustrate what we are hearing and feeling. In ‘Believe’ it won’t take much imagination, because Zopke offers us the full pack, a real audiovisual experience composed by a beautiful track and a fabulous music video. 3 minutes and 17 seconds of pure mystique. The quality of the footage is amazing and makes us doubt what is real or not. The colours, the landscape and the special effects are enough to keep our mouths open in total shock and surprise. The music that serves as a soundtrack is as surreal as the video. The plot is a metaphorical mirror of the relationship between the artist and his music. It’s the dichotomy between loneliness and the path to follow towards the spotlight. The answer is ‘Believe’. This subtly and surrealistically song features Marcellus Love, a talented singer and topliner.

And how does the magic happen? With a lot of talent but also using sound engineering. But before talking about art, the best thing is to get to know the artist. Zopke is from Bordeaux, France, and was born with music inside him. During his growth he related to rock, exploring his talent with the guitar. He quickly moved to the keys and continued to discover himself as a self-taught artist. Inevitably he fell in love with electronic music, much to his idol’s fault: Avicii. Always looking for more, he became involved in the black magic of the studios, using the most advanced techniques of sound engineering and mixing. Binaural and Dolby Atmos are his speciality and his secret weapons to produce the most modern form of sound: immersive music. The technology Dolby Atmos has been gaining supporters lately, especially artists who want to take their music to the next level.

The great advantage of this innovative technology used by the French artist is that it can be consumed anywhere, without using specific hardware. With or without headphones, on the computer or smartphone, the sound quality resulting from these pioneering techniques is guaranteed.

‘Believe’ is not Zopke’s first work and will certainly not be his last. It is worth exploring the portfolio of this meticulous and multifaceted artist. Immerse yourself into a pictorial sensational and unique atmosphere. Enjoy this electronic pop track crafted with the ultimate specialization technique. Press ‘play’ below.

Image Credit: Zopke (Press)