ALWZ SNNY – Wasted (ft. Krysta Youngs)

ALWZ SNNY releases a new single ‘Wasted’ featuring vocalist Krysta Youngs.

Annapolis, Maryland native ALWZ SNNY is back with another fun and light-hearted single ‘Wasted’, as well as a cheery music video that you can watch here.  Emerging onto the scene earlier this year, ALWZ SNNY is characterized by his sunshine headgear, sunglasses, and bright beats. To date, he’s released lighthearted jams like ‘Parachute’ featuring Sincerely Collins, and ‘Love Revolution’, simply proving that SNNY is a force to be reckoned with. His newest release ‘Wasted’ enlists on the help of Krysta Youngs, an emerging singer/songwriter herself whose tracklist includes BTS’s ‘Home’ and ‘On‘.

‘Wasted’ brings clear skies and sunshine to the world of mainstream EDM. The track opens up with a pretty and bright arpeggiated synth that ticks its way to the heart of this song. The magic behind this track is laid with Krysta Youngs’ vocals that sit on top of colorful synths that paint the melody and in between it all, there’s a jumpy feel-good bassline. ‘Wasted’ is a refreshing new vibe that came at the perfect time when the world needed it most.

Listen to ‘Wasted’ by ALWZ SNNY featuring Krysta Youngs below:

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Image Credit: ALWZ SNNY (Press)