Austin Blau

Austin Blau goes cyberpunk on brand new song ‘Night City’: Listen

Gather around gamers and cyberpunk-heads because this release is definitely for you. Austin Blau, a rising producer and composer from New Jersey, blessed us with a new track called ‘Night City‘ , out now via ABB Entertainment.

The timing of the release and the song title are not merely a coincidence as he wanted to pay homage to Cyberpunk, the acclaimed non-linear sci-fi role-playing game. After being inspired by Mike Pondsmith, the mastermind behind  the video game, Austin managed to release the track around the launch of CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077, which was based on the original 1988 edition. The story is set in Night City, hence the song title, where there is only a thin, almost fully indistinguishable line between humanity and technology, creating a society made up of robots and humans. Bringing strong Gesaffelstein vibes, the song creates an atmosphere where you feel like you’re driving around among the flashy neon signs, while something dangerous is lurking around every corner. By fusing dark synthwave, electro house and heavy industrial sounds Austin Blau delivers a blasting track, which lifts the listener into the futuristic realm of ‘Night City‘.

As Austin stated:

I have always been a sci fi fan, but cyberpunk has always had this gloomy edge to it, that had resonated with me. I was always trying to capture the sound of the desolate buildings and the blinding neon lights, so “Night City” became what I had always imagined the sound to be in my head. The rhythms I introduced and the driving distorted bass patterns are all a reflection of the life of Night City and what it would feel like to live in that futuristic city. I hope that the atmosphere in this song, and the driving nature of the synthesizers will resonate with you. This song is more of an approach to capturing a vibe and mood of a cyberpunk city, than to try and be a song without a purpose.”

Austin Blau has been a music composer for 8 years, focusing on video games, film, television and commercials. He found his sound and passion in dark electronic music and metal/hard rock music, composing soundtracks and sound design for quite a massive list of video games: Mechanized Assault by Alloy Games, Puppet Parlor, Inner World, Drive Home and Infinite Century Escape, to name a few. Besides, Austin’s music was included in popular TV shows such as ‘Dexter’ and ‘Shooter’. He dropped his debut solo album titled ‘Divinity’ in June 2018, surprising his growing fanbase with the instrumental version of the LP in 2020.

We are going to keep a close eye on him and his forthcoming releases, make sure you do the same and listen to ‘Night City‘ below!


Image Credit: Austin Blau (Press)