Benjamin Duchenne

Benjamin Duchenne, artist living with rare disease, releases debut track ‘I Don’t Mind’

The world is ready to know Benjamin Duchenne, an artist who is living with a rare disease. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a disease that causes muscle weakness and wasting, getting worse over time. Currently, Benjamin is paralysed from his neck down to his feet and is constantly with a respirator, but that does not stop him following his dreams and living life to his fullest. It was his disease that made him realise that he needs to live life to fullest, and it made him into the strong person he is today. With a bachelors degree in behavioural science and currently learning music production more, he certainly does not let his disease get in the way of getting what he wants.

In the past three years whilst living with DMD, he started to pursue his dreams of becoming a trance producer after being inspired by the likes of Tiësto and Armin van Buuren (who he got the chance to meet). Now he’s taken the first big step in his career and has released his first single under Serendipity Muzik (Black Hole Recordings).

‘I Don’t Mind’ sees Benjamin Duchenne team up with superb vocalist Victoriya to present a powerful, hard-hitting vocal record that is sure to evoke strong emotions in the listener. At first listen, it instantly strikes you how truly special this release is. Hopeful, mesmerising and above all inspiring, it takes every element that makes a trance track a recipe for success and turns it on its head, creating something unlike anything else in the trance scene heard before. Transporting us back to the 80’s with the 80’s-style synths and electrifying rhythms, Victoriya’s voice puts the cherry on top of a very delicious cake. This is an unmissable hit, and is something that the trance community (and even those outside it) are truly going to love and adopt into all of their playlists.

Overall, Benjamin Duchenne is one of the most inspiring artists to recently take to the scene. Teaching us all a lesson about reaching our goals and never letting anything stop us, his message to everyone is to believe in yourself and invest everything to achieve your dreams. an extraordinary artist that we are extremely lucky to welcome to the scene, everyone will know his name very soon. ‘I Don’t Mind’ is out now, so make sure to stream it on repeat! you can watch the music video below and buy/stream the track here.

Image Credit: Benjamin Duchenne (Press)

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