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Eddie Thoneick helps to change producer’s lives with ‘Refine Productions’ project

Widely acclaimed DJ and producer Eddie Thoneick is helping to pioneer a fresh pathway for up-and-coming artists, via the innovative ‘Refine Productions’; A unique music production outfit that will help artists overcome musical barriers, Refine sees the trailblazing German utilising his know-how to offer personalised 1-on-1 analysis and mentorships, giving producers direct feedback via phone-calls and virtual mentoring sessions. Helping aspiring talents to gain full knowledge and confidence in their productions, Refine specialises in making productions label-ready.

Amassing a star-studded release and mix schedule across various juggernaut labels such as Armada, Axtone, Defected, SIZE, Sony, Spinnin’, Strictly Rhythm and Universal, Eddie Thoneick has worked with a wealth of electronic music’s biggest names, including David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Armand van Helden, and Steve Angello. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry via his stints in Beatport’s Top 10 house charts and millions of Spotify streams, Eddie is now urging artists to ‘be bold’ in a bid to get their music heard, with touch-ups and reworks offered by the company, in addition to full stem mix and master solutions.


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He stated: “When people contact companies for mix and mastering services, there is usually a price list. But Refine Productions is a personal relationship with every single artist. We always ask producers to send us their phone number along with their music, so that we can offer a truly personal level of analysis. The core of this project is to empower those talents of tomorrow. We want to uplift them, to motivate them. Really it can be something for everyone.”

Explaining the scheme further, Thoneick added:

“The most common problem artists are facing, is the frustration of not being able to finish their tracks and take them to a high industry standard. This is why we just launched our most valuable flagship service: The Mentorship. An in-depth 1-on-1 live Masterclass with myself. I want to give people hope, motivation, and if you have the chance to tap into the mind of someone who has done this, and done it for 25 years – like myself – then that experience is invaluable. No money in the world can buy this! The Mentorship will truly enhance artists production skills and build a foundation of understanding song elements. Tapping into the mind of a iconic  artist will bring people invaluable knowledge for a lifetime , greater enjoyment, greater productivity and will manifest self-belief in becoming the artist they deserve to be.”


Image Credit: Eddie Thoneick (Press)

Offering the inside-track know-how from artists who have played on the biggest stages in the world, Refine Productions is a truly cutting-edge service, enabling producers to gain a huge helping hand in their overall career trajectory, whether starting out at the bottom or already cementing a spot at the summit of the industry. Offering further aid via the Refine Network – a forum on Refine’s website – the company allows artists to connect with one another and exchange ideas, whilst also giving them the opportunity to directly communicate with a range of Refine mentors.

Launching a special offer on ‘The Mentorship’, producers have until 31st December to take advantage of this special introductory offer with just a limited number of seats still available! See below for full details:

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