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Insomniac’s ‘Electric Mile’ event captures festivals in a drive-thru adventure

With no festivals or large events this year in most parts of the world, many are desperate to capture the feeling of a festival again. Now you can! Thanks to Insomniac head Pasquale Rotella, he is bringing something new to Santa Anita Park in California called ‘Electric Mile’.

Aiming to be fun for all ages in a COVID-safe environment, Insomniac are capturing some of the best bits of your favourite Insomniac events and bringing them to a fun drive-thru adventure. Seven unique worlds will take you through adventures into EDCBeyond Wonderland, Nocturnal Wonderland and more. The audiovisual experience features such things as over 500 art installations, 5,000,000 lights extending over 180,000 feet, synchronised musical experience curated by Pasquale himself, lasers, disco balls, light up mushrooms and much more!

Lasting an hour long, its fun for the whole family so many rave parents can take their children to experience the wonderful world of Insomniac festivals. Electric Mile tickets start at $69.99 per car (not person) for up to eight people at a time, and the fun starts in January 2021. Speaking of the event, Pasquale stated:

For almost a decade, I’ve wanted to create an experience that captures the magic of our festivals, not only for all of you Headliners, but also something fun for the whole family! As a Dad, and still a kid at heart myself, this project has been a huge passion project for me. Creating something that can WOW both our festival goers and families alike has been an amazing challenge. I can’t wait to experience this new adventure with you all!’

You can now book your tickets for Electric Mile here, and check out the post below for more information.

Image Credit: Mike Will for Insomniac Events

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