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Lost Frequencies discusses Tomorrowland New Year’s Eve Festival [Exclusive Interview]

Best known for his deep-house hits ‘Reality’ and ‘Are You With Me’, Belgian DJ/producer Lost Frequencies, also known as Felix De Laet has been explosive within the world of EDM since his start in 2014. From having his first song picked up by Armada Records to founding his own label Found Frequencies, nothing is off the table for De Laet, and he shows no signs of slowing up. As Lost Frequencies is gearing up for the monumental Tomorrowland Festival New Year’s Eve virtual show, we got the chance to sit down and pick the brain behind the EP ‘Cup Of Beats’ and ‘Alive and Feelin’ Fine’ and learn how Felix a.k.a Lost Frequencies is prepping for Tomorrowland, tips for upcoming producers, and what it’s like to be a producer during the time of COVID-19.

Felix, so great to speak with you! We’re in the home-stretch of 2020 and it’s been a rough year especially for the music industry. How are you managing to stay productive during a global pandemic?

We are – and I hope 2021 brings some fresh starts and we can all party together again soon! For me, being productive when I’m off the road isn’t difficult and this year has given me some much-needed downtime and allowed me to shift my focus. I released my ‘Cup Of Beats’ EP back at the beginning of all this which gave me a focus on something I could deliver for my fans, as well as working on building my new studio into something even bigger and better, which was always a dream of mine! I’m also a huge fan of gin, it’s my drink of choice, so I also recently released my own brand; ‘Ocus Gin’! This was not something strictly born out of lockdown, it’s actually a really long process and has been something myself and my manager and team have been working on for around a year as I really wanted to be a core part of everything, from tasting to production, packaging, and marketing. I hope it brings a little Lost Frequencies fun to everyone’s Festive seasons!

Like many aspiring producers, you got your start by putting music out on SoundCloud. What has the journey been like going from uploading your own music yourself to creating your own record label Found Frequencies? If you could give any advice to producers just starting out, what would it be?

The journey has been long and exciting, but not without its challenges. From signing to Armada with my debut track, I have come a long way and have worked super hard – both in the studio and non-stop touring – over the past six years. To be able to have progressed to launching my own label and working with majors, both on my own releases, collaborations, and remixes, has been something I’m super proud of – my advice would be to not give up and work as hard as possible, hard work always pays off.

You’re gearing up for the massive Tomorrowland NYE show, can we expect to hear any unreleased music?

I’m always working on edits and projects so I’ll for sure be creating something special for the NYE show – Tomorrowland is my favourite event to play and seeing how the team have adapted with the digital edition this year, that really took it to the next level, I’m just super excited for all the fans to see what we’ve come up with to say hey to 2021!

Speaking of Tomorrowland, back in 2018 you had your own Lost Frequencies & Friends stage where you hosted a major sit-down right in the middle of your set! Can you tell us any other moments that had an impact on you?

Far too many but I think playing before David Guetta at Sunset on the mainstage – I think that was also 2018 – was a real moment I remember. The crowd bought the energy and it just felt like one of my personal highlights of the weekend in the most brilliant setting. Nowhere captures the feeling of unity and energy for me as Tomorrowland.

Your most recent album “Alive and Feelin’ Fine” has two very different vibes on it, one with more live-instrumentation and the other more electronic-based. Do you plan on continuing the live-instrumentation route, or the electronic-element route in your future music?

I play some instruments myself and have always incorporated playing in my studio into my releases, but when it came to the list of collaborators and vocalists I worked with, as well as delving into many different genres and new techniques, for me the idea of bringing this whole idea together as a live project to then tour later, was something I couldn’t wait to do. I have always coined my music “indie-dance”, so to be able to bring those two worlds together with a great host of features and live musicians was something I was super proud of. We had to cut some of the dates short with COVID, including London which I can’t wait to return to, so that is something else I’m excited for 2021.

‘Alive and Feelin’ Fine’ has some killer collaborations on it, like Aloe Blacc and James Blunt. What was it like to work with such talented artists?

Amazing – I enjoy the process of collaborations whether this is working with other writers, vocalists, or producers to create something really unique. I’m big fans of both James and Aloe so I was ecstatic to have them featured on the album.

Finally, you’ll be toasting to the new year on stage during Tomorrowland’s NYE show, but what are you most excited about for 2021?

Being able to see my fans and dance at shows once more! I’ve really missed the combined freedom and joy that comes from traveling and being able to play live sets and shows. Fingers crossed, the end is in sight now and it won’t be too long till we can all be united once again – hope to see you guys in-person soon and I hope you’re all ready to party into the new year with me at Tomorrowland’s NYE extravaganza!

Be sure to tune into Tomorrowland Festival New Year’s Eve Virtual show, where Lost Frequencies will be kicking off the Melodia Stage at 20:00 (8:00 pm) on Thursday, December 31st, 2020.

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Image Credit: Lost Frequencies (Press)