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Flava D teases Skrillex collaboration in Q&A session on Instagram

Another day, another teaser about an artist collaborating with Skrillex. This time, it’s the UK’s very own garage DJ and producer, Flava D. Known for playing out grime, bassline and garage, she has been signed to the labels Butterz and also the legendary Hospital Records. Now, her career is about to be elevated even more, if her recent Instagram story is anything to go by…

Hosting a Q&A on her Instagram stories where she invited fans to ask her anything about music and life in general, she answered questions about music production, favourite artists and genres, unreleased music and much more. The most eye-popping and head turning question that she answered though was from a fan who said ‘Collab with Skrillex that would be insane’. To everyone’s surprise, she didn’t just say ‘that would be insane’ or ‘I would love to work with him’. Check out what she said below.

Skrillex has proven that he can make electronic music that leans towards the sound of the UK scene, so a Flava D and Skrillex collab would be absolutely huge for the scene if it does in fact happen. Judging by her response though, they’ve either finished something or are working on something as we speak!

Stay tuned for more information, and we’ll be sure to bring you the latest updates on Flava D and Skrillex as they happen.

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