Fonzerelli combines trance with nostalgia in ‘Misguided’

Aaron McCelland, better known as Fonzerelli has something of a track record when it comes to perfectly mashing genres. His track ‘Moonlight Party’ was an infectious electro-dance hit that charted in various countries in the mid-00s and is sure to give chills of nostalgia to anyone who was into dance music at the time. Yet if nostalgia is your thing, then you can’t go far wrong with his brand new single ‘Misguided’.

From the off it’s clear that this is a man who knows his styles and how to blend them without making a mess of it. ‘Misguided’ features a hands-in-the-air build with all the hallmarks of uplifting trance, while the drop ushers in a rolling bassline, again a feature of uplifting trance, but this is funkier, more chuggy, and reminiscent of Italo-house of the late 80s. Indeed, there’s a good dose of respectable pop production involved here, with a bright sheen in the lead synth sounds, a pumping rhythm that isn’t over-powering, and little nods to the past such as the pizzicato strings famously used in early electro tracks, and a sound-effect people might recognise from a famous early 00s dance track that developed from Rank 1’s Airwave’. With support from the likes of non other than Armin van Buuren on his ASOT radio show, it’s certainly clear that Fonzerelli has an incredible knack for bending the rules of production and genres, ending up with a solid product as a result.

‘Misguided’ is out now on Magik Muzik, and you can grab your copy here. In the meantime, check out the Radio Edit below.

Image Copyright – Fonzerelli