GLAMOR – Jungle Tools 2089

LA-based artist GLAMOR is back with yet another out of this world track. ‘Jungle Tool 2089’ dropped last month on Maison Fauna, as a part of the Field Guide I compilation, along with Treee City‘s ‘Telll Me’, Willem Wolfe‘s ‘Ambien Roller Rink’, Footrocket‘s ‘New Games’, Collapse‘s ‘Impending Eternal Doom’ and many more. The artist describes his latest release as a surreal DJ tool, featuring the sounds of old school rave stabs crumbling, echoing and falling apart.

If you haven’t heard of GLAMOR yet – he is a fresh, upcoming artist, who makes music about the distortion and corruption of beauty. His sound is definitely different from most creators, and features some very unique sounds and effects. His work is heavily inspired by avant-garde fashion, drag, vogue/ballroom culture, horror and cyberpunk. Next to his music career, he is also a choreographer, designer and programmer, creating games and virtual reality experiences. All of this gives him an additional perspective and inspiration, which can be found in his tracks. GLAMOR’s whole life revolves around music. When he listens to a new track he is simultaneously imagining a dance choreography for it, 2D and 3D art, music videos and a fame concept that it could work as a soundtrack for. He connects all of his passions together with music. When he starts working on a project, designing something, the mood boards that he sets out are full of songs, rather than just a collection of pictures.

‘Jungle Tool 2089’ by GLAMOR features his signature sound and style. It is distorted electro track, with some old school flavours added to its melody. A deep, throbbing bass line, combined with cut-through, edgy sounds and rolling drums, are just some of the elements that give ‘Jungle Tool 2089’ its character.

Make sure to check out GLAMOR on Instagram and Soundcloud and stream ‘Jungle Tool 2089’ below:


Image Credit: GLAMOR (Press)

23 year old Slovenian currently living in Amsterdam. Pursuing my dreams of working behind the scenes of music industry by studying International Music Management.

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