Gorgon City

Gorgon City strikes again with ‘REALM’ EP, including a brand new track ‘Trapdoor’ : Listen

Key figures of the UK house scene, Matt Robson-Scott and Kye Gibbon, a.k.a. Gorgon City, unveiled their new EP ‘REALM ‘, presenting a brand new track, ‘Trapdoor‘. The four-track project was previously released on vinyl back in August for Record Store Day, but now fans can stream the EP on all platforms.

Although it was only officially revealed now, lucky fans might remember ‘Trapdoor’, as it was tested on the crowd during REALM club nights, as well as in Colombia in 2019, where Green Velvet put the record on, so the audience could let loose on the dancefloor. The EP starts right off with the new single, which is already proven to be a crowd-pleaser, fitting both festival stages and underground clubs. The intro and the buildup set the mood with the breakbeat drum chords, the minimalistic, yet ethereal vocal sound and the captivating synth melody. To make it even more suspenseful, they added a brief pause right before the drop, which delivers perfect deep house basslines and the incomparable Gorgon City sound. The next three songs came out earlier as singles: their heavy house anthem ‘Grooves On The Vinyl‘ in 2017 and two 2019 releases – a delicate and melodic track Roped Inand ‘Elizabeth Street’, an enigmatic tribute to the birthplace of house music, Chicago.

Gorgon City dropped these tracks via their club focused REALM imprint they launched in 2017. The label gave platform for high-energy, underground and instrumental songs, which were born to elevate and pack dancefloors such as ‘Lick Shot’, ‘Delicious’, ‘Motorola’ and the very first release on REALM, ‘Primal Call’. Without a doubt, we can’t talk about the scene without mentioning the house heavyweights, who can’t stop moving forward with their career. With 1.5 billion global streams and almost 10 million singles sold, Gorgon City topped international radio playlists and hit the #1 spot on US Dance Radio.

If you want to find out more about Matt and Kye, check out the interview they gave to We Rave You in the September issue and watch the extraordinary visuals made for ‘Trapdoor‘ on Youtube.


Image Credit: Gorgon City (Press)