Haasy X Syrenne

Haasy teams up with Syrenne for ‘Take Me High’ featuring 709: Listen

The incredibly talented American music producer and DJ Haasy has emerged as one of the top exciting prospects in the local electronic music scene around Colorado. Starting off his early days in the industry as a self-taught guitar player, the artist got the first practical experience of producing electronic music during his college days and quickly went on to become a renowned DJ at major clubs throughout Denver. Having come up with a groovy house release last year to mark his first paramount release as a producer, Haasy has joined forces with the Denver based Saxophonist and producer Syrenne for his latest single called ‘Take Me High’, out now via LoudKult.

Blessed with some pacifying vocals from the classical singer 709, ‘Take Me High’ is an intriguing electronic tune that perfectly describes the current trends and variations in modern dance music. This year can’t exactly be associated with clubs, festivals, or any party spots in general, but this brand new single from Haasy will definitely force you into a flashback to those good old days, at least for a moment. His combination with Syrenne has proved out to be effective in the past and it seems like the trend is likely to continue.

Don’t just take our word for it though, go check out ‘Take Me High’ for yourself below –

Image Credit: Andie Smith

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