How to find the right deep techno music for your YouTube video

When putting together a video that you want to get maximum attention and virality on your YouTube channel, you need to take great care when partnering the visuals with the right musical vibe.

If producing a perfect YouTube video could be considered akin to putting together a fine work of art, frankly, the visual aspect would merely outline a landscape or a vibrant abstract painting. You’ll need a soundtrack that will help bring you the color that brings it all together.

The nuance of what the background music provides is a complex one. It’s not merely a case of matching a mood to a genre. It’s a balancing act that takes a lot of practice before you can do so effectively and efficiently. Here’s a guideline how to find the right deep techno music for your YouTube video.

Setting the Mood

In many ways, deep techno was built for social media video posts. Its intense nature immediately grabs the viewer’s attention, and the sound’s primal musical nature just lends itself well to this form of media.

Big Budget

You may decide that your video’s nature and beat would be ably served by the use of some up-tempo deep techno tunes. Then, you’ll have to locate them. As with any other musical accompaniment choice to your social media posts, you’ll have to consider the issues relating to licensing.

If you have the budget and the time, you can look to use great samples and tracks from established acts like Pan-Pot or Adam Beyer. You could use other great acts you heard at festivals like Tomorrowland or O.Z.O.R.A. 

Be wary, though, that looking to use ‘mainstream’ music from well-known D.J.s and artists will require some work and a fair amount of capital. It’s not an easy route to adopt since you’ll need to make sure that the licensing agreement in place covers all territories as well as the platform you are posting on.

Copyright Strike

Take into account that if you take music from established acts without getting their permission, it’s very likely that your content will be taken down almost instantly, and you’ll get a strike on your account. And if you were to repeat that action, you’ll be permanently suspended from YouTube.

In fact, things could get even worse if the respective recording company or publisher chooses to take the case on a criminal basis, so it’s not an option you should even consider taking. 

Even accidental use of copyrighted material could land you in hot water, so you’ll have to be extra careful.

Simple Solution 

However, there is another option, and that’s getting songs for YouTube videos from royalty-free music providers. There are many of them operating specifically to serve this need.

The best royalty-free platforms around have millions of tracks dedicated to all musical genres, and the options in the deep techno field are astounding. That’s because the mood and ambiance created by this style are ideal for so many types of videos you might host on YouTube.  

Searching through these treasure troves of deep techno, alongside just about every musical style or genre you could want, is actually very simple and is great fun. Once you’ve set up a subscription option with the provider, you’ll have a level of access that permits you to try out samples from the music available.

Everything is helpfully tagged and segmented, and you can then try out parts that work well with your video. You’ll be surprised that choosing this route is usually far more successful than merely picking a well-worn track that you heard at Fusion.

Because you are thinking more dispassionately about the musical selection, finding the music that fits the visuals rather than the other way around, you’ll get closer to the cut of deep techno that really suits the visual style you’ve put together in your video.


Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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