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Marshmello & Khalid’s ‘Silence’ nears 1 billion streams on Spotify

Guiding us through the darkest of days with his irresistibly smooth voice, 22-year-old Khalid never disappoints to win the hearts of his international fan base by showcasing his uplifting and inspiring music. While living a normal teenage life after high-school, Khalid quickly became a platinum-certified pop star by sharing releases such as ‘Location’ and even appearing on Logic’s impactful single known as ‘1-800-273-8255’ featuring Alessia Cara. In 2017, it only made sense to team up with Marshmello for their iconic single known as ‘Silence’ and Khalid recently mentioned the one of a kind collaboration is nearing the 1 billion stream mark on Spotify. 

Flowing directly into Khalid’s pacifying vocals which bring listeners a sense of peace, Marshmello’s slow-tempo yet gentle instrumentals provide the perfect touch to the single. As Khalid’s powerful voice begins to echo throughout the chorus of ‘Silence,’ Marshmello takes over with his uplifting signature sound which sounds too sweet to the ears. Approaching 1 billion streams is deserved for both of these legends in the music industry as both Khalid and Marshmello are clearly a match made in heaven for this breathtaking collaboration. While both artists continue to make their mark and spread positivity around the world, we can only hope for another collaboration from these two in the future. For now, thank you Khalid and Marshmello for continuing to make our days brighter through your music.

Go back in time with Khalid and Marshmello’s ‘Silence’ below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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