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Kölsch b2b Joris Voorn at Tomorrowland 2021 New Year’s Eve: What to expect?

This year we won’t be able to celebrate the New Year’s Eve as intended, but Tomorrowland has assured that we can spend the night escorted by the best music. Among the luxury menu that Tomorrowland has prepared for their New Year’s Eve event, we can find a very charismatic b2b: Kölsch and Joris Voorn.

Although they are not formally one, they work very well as a duo. The personal relationship they have is no secret. Kölsch and Joris Voorn are long-time friends, skateboarding lovers, and both share the same vocation. One is Dutch and the other is Danish, but they have something in common: they are very talented DJs and music producers. As for their relationship behind the decks, it’s ancient and magical. Awakenings, Off Sonar, A Summer Story and ADE are some of the events where these two artists have performed b2b once or several times, bewitching the crowd with the junction of their skills. In 2019, those who attended Tomorrowland Winter had the opportunity to dance to the sound of Kölsch and Joris Voorn (separately) and warm up the atmosphere in the low temperatures of the French Alps. Earlier this year, they were headliners of the ambitious and pioneering virtual edition Tomorrowland Around the World. Now, this heavy pair will perform together at Tomorrowland 2021 New Year’s Eve, at the mesmerizing Atmosphere virtual stage, and the expectations could not be higher. What can we expect? Quality, perfection and excellence.

Kölsch, the ‘man in the hat’, is intense and deep, offering sets where light and darkness cross and replace each other, triggering many feelings in the crowd. This year, he delighted his fans with the beautiful and melodic album ‘Now Here No Where’. It’s a LP full of deeply trippy and poised melodies that lead to a journey inside Kölsch mental challenges. He is also featured in ‘Global Underground #GU43 – Rotterdam’, the mixtapes City Series curated by Joris Voorn.

Joris Voorn, the man with the penetrating gaze, is passionate, multifaceted and has very eclectic tastes. His 2020 was marked by remarkable remixes (Dua Lipa, Editors, Elderbrook) and the release of his slick and beautiful single ‘Nea Skioni’. The Dutch artist has adopted the trend of livestreams and kept his fans busy with some digital events broadcast on social media, showing off his skills in vinyl, CDJ and midi controllers.

They are both very focused and exquisite in the art of DJing. Together they are able to produce elegant, rich, diverse and powerful sets that take fans on an unforgettable journey. Although they produce very different music and have different tastes, they merge perfectly when they play b2b. Both are aware of the amount of new music around them. They master several musical styles, from house to techno, from tech house to melodic, and they always bring new music in their luggage. Both have captivating energy that gives various layers and moods to their sets.

Returning to the question of what we can expect from a b2b between Kölsch and Joris Voorn, these two forces of nature together can only offer the best. We are very excited about the tracks they will bring and the bets on the amount of unknown ID’s can already be placed on the table. This is the perfect opportunity to debut new work from both and mix their latest releases. Will you hear a special ‘Shoulder of Giants‘ remix? Kölsch and Joris Voorn shared some insights about this special b2b at the deep sound stage:

‘We’ll only be playing our own music – brand-new and made in the last half year – which will create a really exciting atmosphere on stage. We’ve seen a little sneak preview of the stage and it looks pretty insane – we immediately thought of a spaceport.’

What is certain is that they raise the bar very high. Their finesse and mastery are suitable for a New Year’s Eve event, although no black tie is needed, there will be elegance. We can’t wait for this set and we know you can’t either. The duo will lead you to 2021 in style, debuting the new year in the best company possible: quality party people. Check Tomorrowland’s website to see what time they perform according to your time zone. Don’t miss this gathering at the epicentre of dance music. You can also watch a video interview with the pair below.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland