Menna releases stellar new single ‘Show Me Your Love’: Listen

Menna has just released his newest single ‘Show Me Your Love‘ which is available to stream on Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify. Menna (real name Daniel Menna) is based out of Toronto, Canada, and is coming in hot on the electronic dance music scene. With only a handful of releases such as ‘Feel This Way’ and ‘Sunset’ in addition to an anticipated release of his debut EP, coming in 2021, his newest track ‘Show Me Your Love’ is a stellar and feel-good groove. With effortless vocals, designed to have the listener singing non-stop, you’re going to want to add this to your weekend playlist.

The track begins with soulful standard house chords and a pop-infused vocal line that add such a special symphonic element to ‘Show Me Your Love’.  Bright and shimmering arps twinkle their way throughout the track that eventually leads us to a pretty acoustic guitar melody that lightly brings us to the second chorus. At the end of the song, we’re taken out by the bassline that is simple, yet so effective given the numerous melodic components of this track. The sky is the limit for the new producer and we’ll be on the edge of our seats as we wait for more new music.

Listen to Menna’s ‘Show Me Your Love’ below:

Click here for Menna’s Soundcloud page.

Image Credit: Menna (Press)