Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure reinterprets Bach in new single ‘Enchantment’: Listen

Enchantment’ is the name of Nora En Pure’s brand new single, released today via Enormous Records. Throughout this year, the fans of the South African-Swiss artist have been blessed with a list of very high-quality releases. Whether they are works of her own or inserted in collaborative collections, the name Nora En Pure has always been synonymous with such a great quality melody that it almost looks like a spell, as is now the case of ‘Enchantment’. At Enormous Tunes Records, where Nora is one of the crown jewels, she has dazzled the world earlier this year with tracks like ‘Wetlands‘ or ‘Come Away‘ (featuring Tim Morrison), now she casts a spell with what will be her latest release of 2020.

Nora En Pure’s subtle, delicate, and romantic side is always very much in evidence in her work. The purity, rawness, and spontaneity of her melodies represent a musical signature of an artist who promises to remain in the annals of electronic music. Nora En Pure has already shown herself to be a multifaceted and complete artist, and her relationship with the keys is no secret. This relationship with the delicate sounds of the piano is exacerbated and celebrated in ‘Enchantment’. Based on Bach‘s ‘Cello Suite No.1 in G Major’, Nora produces a track that delicately and elegantly links classical and contemporary music, in a tailor-made sound. The track carefully respects the classical instrumental, leaving it space to breathe and stand out. Then, with Nora’s characteristic gracefulness, the bass, the kick, the synth, and the keys merge into a compass that looks like a perfectly directed orchestra. Beyond the calm and serenity that ‘Enchantment’ translates, it becomes evident the respect that Nora has for all the sounds she works with, perfectly balancing the metric changes of the composition. ‘Enchantment’ takes us into the forests of the Swiss-based artist’s imaginary, in an electronic waltz that promises to calm any restlessness that this troubled year is causing you.

‘Enchantment’ closes the circle of a succession of singles focused on the theme of mysticism and magic. This work of art is available in the 3 minute and 43 seconds original version and extended mix, for those who value every second of Nora En Pure’s enchanting music. Listen to the two versions below:


Image Credit: Tyler Fuhrmeister / Provided by Resonate PR