10 Plugins currently used by Disclosure

Guy and Howard Lawrence started re-creating the music that had been played in clubs and festivals. Investing in cheap equipment, producing their music, and uploading it on Myspace. This got them an early record deal with Moshi Moshi Records and a UK tour. In 2012 they released their single ‘Latch’ together with the singer-songwriter Sam Smith which was the breakthrough single of their career and got their recognition across Great Britain. Their album ‘Settle’ was released in 2013 which lead to a Grammy Award nomination. Disclosure melts UK garage, deep house, house, and future garage together to form their own signature sound. Disclosure recently started streaming on Twitch sharing insights into their music production process. Taking information from their live streams we have collected 10 plugins currently used by Disclosure. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.

10 Plugins currently used by Disclosure


  1. Big Kick
  2. Oxford Inflator
  3. Transient Master
  4. Decimort 2
  5. Fabfilter Pro Q3
  6. Fabfilter Saturn
  7. Drawmer S73
  8. Izotope Vocal Doubler
  9. Soundtoys Decapitator
  10. Oek Sound Soothe2




1.Big Kick

The kick drum is one of the most important parts of a dance track, forming the foundation of your production. Endlessly searching for that right kick drum through sample packs or layering kick drums and still not getting the result you’re after can be a bit tiring at times. The Big Kick is developed to achieve the results you’ve always wanted as it lets you create a whole kick drum from the start to the end. This kick synthesizer is specially constructed to achieve a great bottom-end, to stop the endless searching through samples, add a professional collection of kicks to your toolset, and to start a kick from scratch or to use 110 great presets.



2.Oxford Inflator

A loss of quality or audible reduction of the dynamic range is something you want to avoid or want to create. Digital distortion can work to your advantage but can also be really dangerous as it destroys your track. This plugin is developed with a unique process that increases the loudness without an obvious loss of quality. The Oxford Inflator adds power, presence, and warmth to any sound and it provides enough headroom above the digital maximum by the built-in tube processors. Use it to get the most out of your sounds, mixes, and master chains to achieve an even louder master than you thought.



3.Transient Master

Native Instruments has built an all-in dynamic controlled plugin called Transient Master. A dynamic effect that lets you control the dynamics of every sound. The Attack, Sustain, and Gain are great for positioning drums, percussions, whole mixes, and the final touches to your master chain. Transient Master is extremely powerful, simple, and useful as it only contains 3 big knobs. A go-to tool for every musician, for every genre. Just dial in the right amount of adjustments, shape your sound and let the magic does his thing.




4.Decimort 2

Recreating the colouration, adding the vintage sampler’s sound, and using analogue-like filters for sculpting the incoming signal through the adjustable resonance options is what Decimort offers. This bit crusher and sample rate reducer brings the classic character, a classic sampler adds, to your sound. It will add gritt and colouration to the incoming signal which makes it sound fat and sit perfectly in the mix. Lower sample rate, lower bit depth, and the older encoding techniques creates a change in colour at which Decimort does exactly the same. Looking for a bit crusher capable of extreme settings for dramatic results, than this is the perfect one.



5.Fabfilter Pro Q3

This high-quality equalizer made by Fabfilter is specially made to achieve your result in the quickest way possible. This plugin is suitable for every engineer containing high-quality linear-phase processing with zero latency, natural phase processing for perfectly matching the analogs EQ response, a smooth dynamic EQ which you can use as a surgical or broad multiband compressor, mid/side processing per band, a solo feature, auto gain, and a large spectrum analyzer. Outstanding features like the Spectrum Grab will grab the peaks of the incoming signal and lets you boots or reduce only that frequency, the full-screen mode puts you in control of every little detail, and the EQ match will match your spectrum with others.



6.Fabfilter Saturn

Because distortion is until now such an important addition in music production it needs to not only contain the highest quality but also stand out between all of the other plugins. Choosing between subtle, clean, warm, tube & tape saturation, amps, and several other types are included in the Saturn plugin. Using this plugin on single sounds, mixes, or even complete master chains is no problem as Saturn contains new features like new subtle saturation, linear phase processing for mastering, many new distortion types, and a redesigned interface with modulation visualization. You can divide the incoming signal into several bands to treat it differently. This plugin has a clear overview, is extremely powerful, and ready to add every type of distortion to every sound of choice.



7.Drawmer S73

Compressors work in the same way but every compressor is specially built for a specific part of a song. It all comes down to taste but all of the compressors out there are labeled to a specific instrument. As there are multi-band compressors letting you control the several bands of the incoming signal talking about the low end, mid, and high end. The Drawmer S73 is specially made to improve your mix with a minimum of tweaking. Delivering your final mix to a mastering engineer like never before. This plugin does the job for you by making the choices a mastering engineer would make. Feeling that compression is a little bit unclear? Drawmer contains a Style parameter to switch between ready-made mastering processing techniques to quickly find the sound you need.



8.Izotope Vocal Doubler

Vocal Doubler will strengthen your vocal with natural doubling effects as it copies the original vocal and puts them to the sides. A natural effect the dance industry uses to record retakes but this is no longer necessary as the vocal doubler is incredibly quick and adds the richness and depth already by itself. Adding the emotions, intensity, and boost to create those powerful choruses and hooks has never been this easy. No longer doing retakes and searching for the best vocals because this FREE Izotope plugin produces the same double-tracking effect with studio techniques instead. Choose between the different styles to let it work with the original vocal, add air to your doublers so it will fit and sound even better in the mix, and add the amount of doubling effect to your liking.



9.Soundtoys Decapitator

Soundtoys created an arsenal of innovative plugins over the years while merging the sound and vibe of classic analog gear with modern and musical twists to deliver special coloration, character, and creativity to your production. The secret behind using hardware gear offering you the musical sound and pleasant to the ears is the saturation that is added to the sound. Tubes, transistors, and the whole circuitry are being pushed to the limit giving the incoming signal its imperfections and character. This is exactly what Decapitator is doing, as you can add subtle saturation but also can go to the extreme. Including 5 analog saturation options that are perfect for every kind of track or instrument, a modeled tone control letting you shape the saturated sound, and a mix control to blend in the dry signal for parallel processing.



10.Oek Sound Soothe

This dynamic resonance suppressor offers you the luxury to sit back and let the plugin do the work. It finds the problematic resonances of every sound and applies matching gain reduction automatically. This is much more convenient and smoother than balancing the frequencies by hand. The Oek Sound Soothe only reacts to the parts which need correction without affecting the other frequency areas, as it preserves the timbre of the signal and adds minimal artifacts for a transparent treatment. Not only harsh peaks but also mud, sibilance, uneven tonal balance, boominess, proximity effect, and overly bright instruments will be adjusted to achieve the best sound possible.



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