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Skrillex’s iconic remix of Avicii’s ‘Levels’ turns 8 years old

When talking about iconic Skrillex remixes (and there’s been a lot), his remix of Avicii’s ‘Levels’ surely comes to mind and is arguably at the top of the list. Now, it’s been eight years since this remix was released and we wanted to go on a trip down memory lane and explore the impact of this remix, eight years on.

On par with the Avicii original, which is nearly impossible to beat or even get close to the greatness that it achieved, Skrillex managed to turn out something that was so instantly mindblowing and would become timeless as it aged like a fine wine. Released as part of a remix EP which also featured Cazzette’s ‘NYC Mode Mix’, it was something that was to be remained unreleased for years before we all got to enjoy it on streaming platforms whenever we wanted.

It had everything that both Skrillex and Avicii fans could’ve ever wanted. That classic Skrillex dubstep soundscape that was so unique to him (and still is), and the larger-than-life Avicii melody found in ‘Levels’, which Skrillex did justice. Boasting a current 68+ million streams on Spotify and 62+ million on the official YouTube audio, it’s safe to say that this is the most popular remix of an Avicii track done by any artist by far.

Speaking of the track when Avicii unfortunately passed away in a tribute post on social media, Skrillex said the following:

“The remix I did of Levels hasn’t left my set since I made it back in 2011. Although we weren’t “close friends” I feel this deep sadness through the connection we had through this song.” 

When was the first time you heard this Skrillex remix? Let us know as you re-listen to it below.


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