soundtoys decapitator black friday

Soundtoys Decapitator is available at 65% off for a limited time

If you ask a music producer what makes analog equipment sound so musical and pleasing to the ears, the answer is one word Рwarmth. One of the companies with an analog saturation modeler that provides you with the warmth you would expect from an analog equipment is Soundtoys, which specializes in providing world-class plugins, effects, and audio goods. The list of music producers that use Soundtoys products on a daily basis includes ODESZA, Lido, Clean Bandit, Moderat, Mike Dean & many more. A massive catalog of their products contains an analog saturation modeler called Decapitator described as the secret weapon of top mix engineers. With as many as five different models to choose from, the Decapitator will add character to literally any song regardless of its genre and the instruments used. This plug-in not only will fill your productions with a natural analog vibe but with its use, you can sculpt the sound and fully control your mix. During the creation of the Decapitator, Soundtoys engineers collected and analyzed both vintage and modern equipment consoles, preamplifiers, input channels, equalizers, compressors, and studio distortions. And what is best about it all? That for a limited period of time Soundtoys Decapitator is available at 65% off for a limited time! For now, you can grab this plug-in for only $69.00, instead of $199.00.



To get into more details and specifications of Soundtoys Decapitator go visit this link.

Photo credits: Soundtoys


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