Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped 2020: Find your top songs

Yes, is that time of the year again. Spotify’s personalized ‘Wrapped’ experience is here to wrap your 2020! The popular year-end review of Spotify users’ favourite artists, songs, genres and podcast has just been launched today.

Every year at this time, Spotify offers an early Christmas present in the form of a musical summary. It’s also a tradition to see artists sharing their top songs of the year on social media, flooding their feeds with what their musical behaviour has been on this famous streaming platform. If just like them, you want to share this information with the world, we leave you the best tips to find your 2020 top songs on Spotify.

2020 version has some interesting new features like personalized playlists, ‘Wrapped’ badges, in-app quizzes, a ‘Story of Your 2020’ dedicated to user’s top song, customization options for social sharing and some other exclusive additions. This year, the ‘Wrapped’ experience will be exclusively available on mobile for Spotify users. The web version is dedicated to non-users that have the opportunity to enjoy this experience for the first time. Global listening trends, most-streamed artist, top three podcasts, among other popular music insights will be shared with non-Spotify users, to offer them a taste of this year-end insights. We can tell you that The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ is the most-streamed song of the year. To find more about world music habits in 2020, click here.

Let’s review the users’ features. Following this atypical year, the popularity of podcasts has grown and so they too have a place in this year’s ‘Wrapped’. One of the novelties, the quizzes, momentarily make Spotify a small game where each user can try to guess their own habits before the revelation. All information is displayed in the form of ‘Spotify Stories’ making it super easy and intuitive to share on social media. Premium users are entitled to new badges based on how they listened: ‘Tastemaker’ if your playlist gained followers, ‘Pioneer’ for listening to songs before they hit 50.000 streams, and ‘Collector’ if you were a pro on adding tracks to your playlist. On top of all this, ‘Wrapped’ brings access to three new personalized playlists: ‘Your Top Songs’, ‘Missed Hits’, and ‘On Record’ (only available for listeners in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada).

Do you know how many minutes of music you’ve heard this year? What’s your top song? Do you have any idea what genre has stood out on your playlists or how many new artists you’ve discovered? We’ll tell you how to find out. Open Spotify app on your phone and go to ‘search’ and you will find the ‘Wrapped 2020’ card. Showcased in some nice and colourful visuals, your 2020 ‘uniquely yours’ insights are available to see and share with everybody. Your top songs of the year are organized in a beautiful playlist that you can save or add directly to your library. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Spotify