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The electronic artists behind major pop tracks [Magazine Editorial]

The electronic music industry is filled with artists who have amassed impressive discographies over the course of the last few decades. Many of the world’s biggest names have developed a stellar reputation through the releases under their own brand, but for most, this isn’t their only outlet. Some of the scene’s greatest pioneers have also dabbled in the pop genre, writing and/or producing tracks for leading mainstream musicians. Though this practice is widely known, many fans are unaware that their favourite artist may be the brain behind chart-topping pop anthems that don’t resemble their usual sound. In this editorial, we’ll explore many of the most surprising cases, sharing exactly which tracks have been produced by electronic music’s finest stars.

As with most collaborative efforts, it is impossible to ascertain how much of a role each credited artist played in the final result, without witnessing it first hand. The journey that each track takes on its way to final release varies dramatically, with some artists preferring not to let anyone else have a hand in the process, while others enlist multiple creative minds in the hopes of creating a timeless hit. Over the last decade, many pop artists have enlisted the help of leading producers in order to create dancefloor-friendly tracks, often in hopes of connecting with a brand new audience. Often, such tracks become major hits, performing well both on the radio, on streaming services and at festivals. Quite commonly, leading DJs will not be featured as a collaborator, but their contributions will be hidden away in the track credits, which are only seen by those who seek them out. While the reasoning behind each individual case is never known, it could be due to the producer preferring not to let their brand be associated with the track, but the reasoning could be far more complex than that. The tracks featured in this article all feature many musicians, but we’ll focus on the names that most electronic music fans will recognise. Let’s take a look at some of the more surprising cases.


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