Why is dance music so prolific in entertainment?

Some people may claim to never listen to dance music. While they may be missing out on some of the best new releases and innovative artists across music, they are also probably not telling the truth. They may not choose to listen to dance music electively, but they will do so in the course of their day to day lives. Why? Because dance music is everywhere. But why is dance music used so prolifically across entertainment?

Is There a Link Between Online Casinos and Dance Music?

The online casino industry utilizes dance music for many of its games. The gameplay involved in online slots, for instance, uses the soundtrack of dance music and elevated beats per minute to create an atmosphere. Being able to create tension for a game means that players are treated to a better experience. Sometimes, when a decision needs to be made in the slot game, the dance music helps the player think faster.

The range of games on offer have themes that mean variations of dance music would work well. As the real money pokies at Royal Panda show, games like Aeterna and Starburst benefit from an ethereal soundtrack that combines dance music with the theme behind the slot games. The music for Aeterna, for instance, immediately tells players what to expect from the space-themed gameplay and helps build the tension. Paired with the video animation of the slots, the game provides an immersive experience.

It’s important for an industry built on the excitement that the soundtrack can also elicit these feelings of excitement. That’s often why dance music is chosen over other forms. Indeed, dance music is often chosen because it can blend into the background and not get in the way (as rock or hip hop might) but can help elevate the heart rate as players game.

Dance Music is Popular Across Entertainment

Elsewhere in entertainment, video games are also given the dance music treatment. Video games are often populated with a dance music soundtrack. Classic console games use the soundtrack to help add a faster pace to the game. As players progress through levels, the music is often an increased beats per minute to help them move their avatar faster. It also, much like an online casino, helps create an element of tension.

Soundtracks have been a staple of video games since the days of Tony Hawk and Grand Theft Auto. Dance music artists have also given their tracks to video games to help reach new audiences and give the games something extra. For instance, deadmau5 helped bring the Project CARS soundtrack to life to combine his music with his love of driving. He curated the soundtrack himself showing the strong connection between gaming and dance music.

Even TV shows have had the dance music treatment. The most notable is the soundtrack to the UK’s version of Big Brother, which was developed by Paul Oakenfold. The beats are used to represent the feeling of being trapped in the Big Brother house. They are exciting but also laced with anxiety and represent a movement of dance music from the early 2000s. The theme music helped make the show the success that it was. The first bars immediately set tensions high at home, which was reflected in the format of the series.

Dance music may not be everyone’s first choice of genre to opt to listen to, but most people do end up listening anyway. The vast range of dance music options across entertainment can be seen not just in the online casino industry, but across TV and video gaming, too. As many people don’t realize they are listening to dance music, perhaps the music is actually doing the job of creating an atmosphere that is so absorbing.

Image Credit: Vishnu R Nair from Pexels

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