Thomas Gold vs. Axwell remix of Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers ‘Blow Up’ turns 10 years old

Axwell has done many iconic remixes in his life, and one of those is the remix of Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers ‘Blow Up’ with Thomas Gold. Released via Axwell-fronted label Axtone, it has become an important part of both Axwell and Thomas Gold’s discographies, and it turns ten years old today.

Hard Rock Sofa, the Russian electronic group which featured Shapov who departed to focus on his successful solo career, are a staple name in the Axtone world, and have also released on the likes of Steve Angello‘s SIZE records and Spinnin’ Records. Teaming up with duo St. Brothers for ‘Blow Up’ in 2011, it instantly became beloved and special for fans who were introduced to them via this track, and then the Thomas Gold vs. Axwell remix came around to shake things up even further, and add that extra spice.

Debuting on Axwell’s ‘Axmas’ mix for Pete Tong at the end of 2010, it quickly whipped everyone up into a frenzy and luckily enough, they didn’t have to wait too long to hear an official release. There is no denying that the remix created by the two Swedish and German producers was an instant classic, and it will forever remain in the hearts of house music lovers everywhere.

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