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Ben Böhmer & Tinlicker debut alliance with hypnotizing single ‘Run away’: Listen

This year may be going badly on several levels, but when it comes to music it’s starting pretty well. We’re still in the first month and the bar is already very high with a top-quality collection of new music. Part of the responsibility for the incredible music that’s being released belongs to Anjunadeep. Above & Beyond‘s deep house imprint has been featured in the headlines for the pearls it has shared and the most recent one arrived on January 20. ‘Run Away‘ is a melodic single that results from the collaboration between Ben Böhmer and Tinlicker. These Anjunadeep superstars pair up for the first time to deliver a liberating melodic house track that features the angelic vocals of Felix Raphael. The combination of the powerful drums that Tinlicker has accustomed their fans to and the emotional and melodic sounds of Böhmer can only result in something wonderful.

Ben Böhmer performed an unbelievable set in a hot-air balloon for Cercle, in which he literally left his admirers in the clouds. In this beautiful performance, in addition to the collection of quality tracks he prepared, he debuted his latest remix ‘Red Dressed‘ of Worakls. Tinlicker also started 2021 with an exquisite remix: ‘Let Go‘ by The Irrepressibles. The joining of these forces of nature was determined to happen and has long been desired by all, as Böhmer confirms:

‘This one has been a long time coming… After months of sending tracks back and forth Tinlicker and myself finally finished the instrumental. However it was only after we sent it to Felix Raphael that ‘Run Away’ was born. His stunning vocal really elevated the track to a new level and resulted in what you can hear today.”

‘Run Away’ is an ode to liberation, expurgation and mindfulness. This work is a gentle invitation to escape from reality and immerse oneself in a parallel dimension in which the mind can enjoy full freedom. It is like a warm breeze that takes us by the hand to discover salvation.  Felix Raphael’s smooth vocals, the magical melody and the strong bassline brought by Böhmer and Tinlicker are the greats responsible for these sensations. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful and come as a whisper floating through the sweet melody that frames it. The percussion is delicate and robust at the same time, it is its cadence that grabs the listeners’ feet to the ground while the chords levitate. This track is a very important addition to melodic house’s repertoire, showing that the genre is in progress.

‘Run Away’ is a solid and cohesive track where the signature of Ben and the duo of producers is perceptible, but without one overlapping the other. This team seems to work very well and that’s evident in the music. There was no doubt about Ben Böhmer and Tinlicker’s talent. Listen to it again and again below.


Image Credit: Ben Böhmer Press / Provided by Measure PR UK