free vst plugin diablo lite release new free VST plugin ‘Diablo Lite’

Widely known sample pack production company released their first-ever free VST plugin title Diablo Lite. Diablo Lite is a demo version of the main plugin ‘Diablo’ which is expected to be released soon.


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Diablo Lite is a drum enhancer plugin that primarily aims to enhance your bass drums and 808s to help them punch through the mix. It allows you to saturate your drum samples maintaining the same volume as the original. Diablo Lite VST comes in with 2 main features namely “Punch” & “Clip”. Punch is a transient shaper that allows you to modify the transients of the sample. Clip is a modern hard/soft clipper allowing you to distort the sound according to your liking. You can adjust the volume of input & output signal and also the mix percentage within the plugin.

The full version of the plugin which is expected to arrive soon will have some extra features like Punch, Boost, Body, Heat, Sizzle, Width & Magnitude. The main focus of the plugin is enhancing drums and the free version does a pretty decent job in quite a few use cases. However, we felt that the plugin was more suited towards Hip-hop, trap, dubstep kick samples & 808s.

Check out the plugin in action down below and grab the FREE version of VST Plugin Diablo Lite down below.



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