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Cymatics announce new VST plugin Vortex

Renowned sample pack maker recently announced the release of their second vst plugin Vortex. Vortex is the successor to Cymatics’ first-ever vst plugin Diablo whose full version will also be released on the same date as Vortex i.e. January 22nd at 12 PM EST.


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Vortex is an 808 enhancer plugin completely optimized to add warmth, grid, punch, room, and focus to 808s. has been building this powerful plugin to get the most out of your low-end. This 808 enhancer comes with 4 unique saturation modes such as Electric, Fire, Radiation, and Ultraviolet to treat your 808s differently, and 6 features to blend your 808 perfectly together with the rest of the song. The main dry/wet knob will let you dial in the percentage of saturation. Color will add focus, warmth, and grid to the incoming signal. The filter knob functions as a low pass filter to cut off unwanted high-end information. You can adjust the mix percentage of both the color and filter function by using the mix knob and adjust the total volume of the input & output.

Price: $50 but the first 4000 people to get Diablo will receive Vortex for free. Make sure to grab Diablo & Vortex vst plugins from their site on January 22.


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Image Credit: Cymatics

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