deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner drop highly anticipated collab ‘Channel 43’: Listen

deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner have just released a showstopping new single as both a radio edit and 8-minute extended track entitled ‘Channel 43’, making this their first collaborative release since their song ‘Channel 42’ released on deadmau5’s album ‘>album title goes here<‘, following up their debut collaboration, ‘Animal Rights‘ on deadmau5’s ‘4×4=12’ LP.

Kicking off 2021 in one of the biggest ways possible, the two legendary producers have teamed up once again to bring us ‘Channel 43’ giving us all something to groove to in the new year. Between the slew of drive-in shows deadmau5 has been up to lately, he teased fans on December 30th of the release in which would be coming “sooooooon“, despite no official release date. Thankfully, fans didn’t have to wait too long as the song has been officially released.

‘Channel 43’ starts out with an introduction to a world filled with musically complex chords that manage to keep us grounded with a delightful turn around bringing us right back. As soon as the kick drum begins to rev up, the main melody is brought to us through filters that give us an illusion, almost like we’re peering into the next room, which happens to be where all the fun is. The breakdown of ‘Channel 43’ is fun and filled with monumental sound design, like the funky high-pitched and stringy synths that comfortably sit on the sweet spot of “we want more” and “just enough”. This track has all the potential of adding to the long list of deadmau5 classics and is indeed exactly what the world needed to hear in the new year.

Listen to deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner’s new track ‘Channel 43’ below:


Image Credit: Leah Sems / Provided by Falcon Publicity