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Dj Tiësto & Ferry Corsten’s classic hit ‘Gouryella’ gets a modern twist by Matt Fax

Gouryella‘ is back on the charts, this time with a modern and different spice, brought by Matt Fax. What is ‘Gouryella’? It’s the aboriginal word for ‘sky’. It is also a trance project created in the late nineties by two great trance players: Ferry Corsten and Tiësto. Currently, the project is embodied only by Corsten and not even the sky is the limit. Besides giving a name to the project and to this other persona of Ferry Corsten, ‘Gouryella’ was also one of its great hits. Many precious trance gems were released under the ‘Gouryella’ umbrella, but the homonymous track is one of the most memorable and that deserved not only the affection of many other personalities of the genre but also aroused the interest of artists of other tides.

After Alan Fitzpatrick, Matt Fax decided to give a twist to this trance hit, shaping it to the present day. The precocious French prodigy soon began to give cards in electronic music, having been cherished from the start by several artists, including some personalities of trance. The lightness with which he has moved in the industry, especially by more progressive meanderings, has given him experience, an enviable curriculum and also the baggage needed to reinvent such a significant track.

This brilliant remix comes to us via Flashover Recordings – Ferry Corsten’s imprint – and is longer, more modern, but equally as brilliant. Matt Fax took the original version of Corsten and transformed it. He maintained its galactic and interstellar beauty, but slowed it down, giving it more melody and subtlety. It’s deep, delicate and beautiful. The palate of modern ravers calls for more melodic notes and delayed consumption, and that is exactly what Fax offered. The track has rhythm, energy and cadence, but in an extremely refined way.

‘Gouryella’ presents itself polished and sparkling, perfect for the dancefloor or simply to be the soundtrack to another one of these days of uncertainty. 2021 starts with many releases to heal the spirit of the difficult times we have gone through and ‘Gouryella’ will certainly touch your mood. Listen to it below in a loop, with no maximum volume limit.


Image Credit: Rukes.com