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Flashback to 2012 when Hardwell released ‘Spaceman’ [Magazine Editorial]

In January 2012, Hardwell released a track that would go on to change his career forever. ‘Spaceman’ captured the attention of the masses, becoming an instant hit. The track was perfectly suited to tastes at the time, as the electronic music industry was on the precipice of an era that would be defined by big room house. With the release of ‘Spaceman’ playing a major role, Hardwell would go on to become one of the godfathers of the big room movement, building a fanatical fanbase that remains to this day.

The Revealed Recordings owner has earned a huge amount of respect as an industry pioneer, and the release of ‘Spaceman’ was the first step in the process. After release, the track caused a storm at Miami Music Week, when crowds responded with euphoria upon hearing the track during Hardwell’s Ultra Miami performance. This marked the beginning of Hardwell’s reign as one of the world’s most influential producers, a reputation that the Dutch megastar has retained over the last 8 years.

Although Hardwell went on to deliver many more top tier releases, there can be no doubt that ‘Spaceman’ will always hold a place in the hearts of fans all over the globe. It changed the course of the industry and kickstarted the beginning of a brand new era, an era which many would cite as the golden era of dance music. Following on from the success of the original, vocals from Mitch Crown were added to the track and ‘Call Me A Spaceman’ was born. To this day, the vocal edition of the track remains one of Hardwell’s most-streamed releases on Spotify, with almost 80 million streams to date. Although Hardwell’s sound has developed vastly over the years, it seems that his work on ‘Spaceman’ will always be revered as one of his greatest triumphs.


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