Flux Pavilion

Flux Pavilion releases 16-track album ‘.wav’

Flux Pavilion – real name Joshua Steele – has ensured that 2021 is his year, with the recent release of his brand new 16-track studio album ‘.wav’. Signifying a massive change for him, with the departure of his signature dubstep sound, he has made a conscious decision to leave that all behind and opt for a more ‘mature’, melodic style of production. Tweeting that he is ‘no longer a dubstep person’ and that this album ‘marks the end of one adventure and the beginning of another’, he wants the world to know that the new Flux Pavilion sound has landed and it is here to stay.

Feeling like the first day of the rest of his life, ‘.wav’ opens us up to an entirely new and unexplored world in the mind of Flux Pavilion. From the very first track ‘Every Cable Goes Somewhere’, which feels very experimental and futuristic, to the closing track ‘Love’, we are left hanging onto every sound that this LP has to offer. Far from being restricted by a particular genre, Steele allows himself to experiment with sounds and equipment (he builds his own guitars) and each track is unlike the next. With some nods towards his older sound which put him on the map, he also acknowledges that it is no longer him.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Flux Pavilion album without a whole host of huge collaborations, and ‘.wav’ has many. From fellow producers like Feed MeWhat So Not and Chime to vocalists like meeshNevve and Asha, each artist fits well into the world of this album, and adds layers of talent and new perspective to the tracks. Tracks like ‘Every Cable Goes Somewhere’, ‘Partial Fugue In B Minor’‘Twitterbird’‘Breathe’ and ‘Love’ are the ones where all the attention is on the producer, and its his solo tracks where he is able to shine the brightest.

Overall, ‘.wav’ is a treat to listen to. Mature, unique, experimental, intricate: these words can all be used to describe it. ‘.wav’ is out now via Circus Records, and you can listen to it in its entirety below.

Image credit: Fiona Garden

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