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Flux Pavilion: successfully ruining silence [Magazine Exclusive]

When you think of bass music and old school dubstep, you’ll think of the name Flux Pavilion. A pioneer who started out in the UK and broke out into all corners of the world extremely quickly, his sound was completely new and fresh to the ears of many, and to the electronic music community. Over the years, Flux Pavilion has proven himself to be a very versatile artist, and as the world is gearing up to listen to his brand-new album .wav, we spoke to him about the album creation process and more.  

Firstly, congratulations on your new album ‘.wav’! It certainly showcases a new direction for you in terms of production style. Did you make a conscious decision to move on from the heavier bass style that you previously focused on, or did it all happen naturally?  

Thank you very much! Yeah, it’s all a natural thing, to me it feels like I moved on from heavier stuff about 5 years ago to be honest. I think this album is a lot more obvious about that departure though.

Working with artists such as What So Not, Feed Me, Nevve and many more, the album certainly crosses many genres and breaks boundaries. How did you end up collaborating with each artist? Did you already have track ideas outlined with these specific artists in mind before you started working with them or did the ideas form after you met? 

The ideas always form in the room, these collaborations were just the process of sitting in a room with some synths and seeing what happens, I think that’s why they aren’t very typical as far as the songs go. I try to promote as much freedom as possible in a collaboration, forget who people think we are and just be who we actually are . . . And then record it.  


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