Jack Back

Jack Back drops underground bangers at Tomorrowland New Year’s Eve event

Jack Back was the last name on Tomorrowland 31.12.2020‘s timeline and all eyes could be on the mind-blowing performance he delivered. David Guetta‘s darkest alias needs no introduction but continues to surprise every time he goes on stage. Those who follow the golden career of the artist of the year know the eccentricity, energy, dynamism and folklore that David Guetta brings in all his performances. It is therefore overwhelming to see the transformation the artist goes through to deliver us the dark, underground, focused and meticulous Jack Back. This alias is a talented character who can cross the entire spectrum of less mainstream music, capturing the brightest, most chirpy tracks for a phenomenal setlist. When all the other beautiful stages of the magical venue NAOZ had already closed, Jack Back was still shining in Melodia, one of the most magical places in this Tomorrowland New Year’s Eve celebration. A set that served as a fantastic afterparty, to make us start the year with a very good mood.

Jack Back Melodia Stage

Thoroughly chosen to leave the audience in ecstasy, the collection of bangers Jack Back used on this wonderful set are simply delicious. ‘Best Of Me‘ by ARTBAT and Sailor & I, David Guetta and MORTEN’s remix of ‘Dreams’ featuring Lanie Gardner, Mathame‘s remix of the amazing ‘All I’ve Got’ by RÜFUS DU SOL. All these tracks made the virtual crowd dance, scream and even sing. A very important detail provided by Tomorrowland to make the event even more realistic. Jack Back’s mastery on the decks and his live improvisations made this another one of his unforgettable sets. He brought a handful of unknown IDs that surprised and captivated. We will all keep our eyes open for the moment when he lets us know the identity of these intricate works of art, full of melodic layers. It is difficult to choose the best moments of such a magnificent performance, but we can highlight the moment we listen to the glamorous edit by David Guetta and MORTEN of the iconic track ‘Domino‘ by Oxia. Abysmal and incredible. Other impeccable edits kept us company in the early hours of the first day of 2021, such as David Guetta’s rework of ‘Energy 52’ by Café Del Mar (Tale Of Us Remix), and also his rework of the famous ‘Hypercolour‘ by CamelPhat, Yannis and Foals (ARTBAT remix).

From start to finish, Jack Back was intense, offering us sounds full of crispiness, depth, intensity and power. The scenery was perfectly following the magic that the artist made happen. Melodia stage exalted a giant tree that sprouts sparkling magic, in the middle of imposing and magisterial arches. The supernatural animals that kept the crowd company also danced to the sound of the music, and it was possible to hear the birds when the music softened. A standing ovation and a big round of applause for Jack Back.

Satisfy your curiosity about the full tracklist here and see the preface of this amazing performance below.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland