Kölsch Joris Voorn Tomorrowland

Kölsch b2b Joris Voorn at Tomorrowland 31.12.2020: double deluxe

Who missed the amazing b2b between Kölsch and Joris Voorn at Tomorrowland 2021 New Year’s Eve? We didn’t. The expectation about the performance of these two titans was giant and was clearly surpassed. For most people, perhaps the highlight of New Year’s Eve is the moment after the twelve chimes. However, for those who watched Tomorrowland 31.12.2020, the excitement started well before and continued well after. Already in 2021 and as a form of welcoming the new year in the best possible way, the thrilling Atmosphere stage of this digital version of Tomorrowland festival hosted the only b2b of the evening, starring Kölsch and Joris Voorn. These two long-time friends and talented artists have unique complicity behind the decks. In interviews preceding this major event, both had stated that they would only bring work in their own name and much of it unknown. Unknown to the fans and also by them, always with the assurance of knowing each other’s quality.

The set developed into an incredible and magical journey, only possible by the hands of these two wizards. They shared the decks in a natural and rhythmic choreography. Although each one’s identity was notorious due to the strong signature that each one places on their work, they kept the spectators tight-fitting, without losing the drift. Cohesive, orbital, unforgettable. That’s the experience that Kölsch and Joris Voorn delivered. While Danish producer Kölsch took fans to another dimension with his galactic, dense and textured sounds, Dutch star Joris Voorn put the spectators’ feet back on Earth with his more reserved charisma. The artists had warned that they would bring a lot of new material and they certainly complied. An unknown collection of IDs has unfolded over the set and now everyone wants to get their hands on it. Joris and Kölsch have interspersed they act but they shone together. From the first, were heard tracks like ‘Float’ and the celebrated ‘Nea Skioni’, both released in 2020, and Joris’ versions of ‘Obsession‘ by Lie2You and ‘Break My Heart’ by Dua Lipa. Maestro Kölsch delighted the audience with ‘Remind You’ and ‘Now Here No Where’ the fantastic track that gives name to the ecstatic album he released earlier in 2020. As expected, Joris Voorn’s incredible remix of Kölsch’s ‘Shoulder Of Giants’ was present, accompanied by one of the high points of this unforgettable b2b: ‘The Rhythm Of The Night’ presented with unprecedented elegance, wonderfully edited.

The immersive experience this set provided was sharpened by the magical scenery that enveloped it. The colours, brilliance and details of the stage were surreal. The lights danced rhythmically to the sound of the music and the applause and shouts of the virtual crowd in front of the stage made the whole experience very real. Simply amazing, if we have to sum it up. NAOZ, the incredible 3D venue of Tomorrowland 31.12.2020 edition shone more brightly with the presence of these two stars, no doubt.

Take a look at the preparation of this majestic b2b below and find the full tracklist here.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland