KSHMR regards upcoming debut album as one of the best of all time

The iconic American record producer and DJ KSHMR has been working on his debut album for quite some time now. Having scheduled the release of his first commercial LP on 15 January, the artist is just as excited and hyped up as we all are. Just a couple of months ago, KSHMR wiped out his Instagram barring a few posts that were all about his album. In the wake of this release, he has recently expressed his strong views on the album through a series of tweets describing how it could even be one of the best electronic albums of all time.

Speaking out on his work in the studio for this album, KSHMR said:

“With music, every day you sit in a studio and hope it comes, and when everything clicks, you can’t help but marvel at it, not out of arrogance but because half of what you hear is a mystery to you as well. I’m very excited about this album, the internet hit me with a deserved humble stick so I’ll just say: I think it’s the best music I’ve made, maybe the best I can make. It took a little north of 2 years and now I’m that annoying parent who wants to tell everyone how great their kid is.”

This sudden outburst of thoughts from KSHMR on Twitter has received mixed responses from fans across the music industry so far. But regardless of that, the hype surrounding this release has been insane and all the time spent waiting for it will definitely be worth it.

Image Credit: KSHMR (Press) / Provided by Electric Love Festival

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