Lost Frequencies

Lost Frequencies: A man with many talents [Magazine Exclusive]

One of the biggest and most prolific names in electronic dance music right now, Lost Frequencies has built himself an empire from the ground up thanks to his expert production skills and catchy tracks. Soaring through the charts with every release, it’s no wonder as to why with his universally loved sound. Hit maker, record label owner and more recently a gin business owner, Lost Frequencies can do anything, and we’re speaking to him to get all the details on his latest ventures (as well as what’s coming next for him in 2021).  


Thanks for talking to us! You’ve kicked off 2021 in style, playing at Tomorrowland’s 31.12.2020 event for New Year’s Eve. Since you’ve played at both digital editions of Tomorrowland, how do they compare to each other? Did you prepare for the New Year’s Eve event differently than the Around The World festival? 

There are two very different points of views on how you can experience Tomorrowland digital. I have the chance to be able to share it as an artist! Going to the festival site this summer and experiencing some of the backstage vibes at Tomorrowland has been a great moment for me this summer. On those points, the two festivals were not so different because Tomorrowland always tries to create an excellent experience for the artist. 

When I did the summer set, I knew what I wanted to play and when to get on the mic etc., just like when I’m on the road, it was fun to recreate the set, I was doing a few months before. But for New Year’s Eve, I wanted to bring new music and a completely new experience for the people buying a ticket, so I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and other types of tracks, so the set was more techy, but still very melodic. It was a lot of fun! The other point of view is the point of view of a festival-ticket-buyer of course, and have to say, I was already impressed with the 1st edition, but for New Year’s Eve show they managed to create something even better! I had chills when I watched my set back, it was so cool! 

A 24 year old dance music enthusiast from Manchester, UK. Lover of all genres, especially dubstep and house. Find me at gigs and festivals across the world.

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