Madeon at Decadence NYE 2021 07

Madeon performs eclectic headline set for wwFest: VALORANT

Eclectic and Madeon are two words that intertwine seamlessly, and for good reason. The Frenchman has never followed the typical rules of production and DJing, defying boundaries with his legendary launchpad ‘Pop Culture‘ mashup, and stunning the world with his Shelter tour alongside close friend Porter Robinson. That innovative approach remains at the forefront of his arsenal, with the latest display of eclectically-curated brilliance showing why the 26-year-old is at the top of his game. Headlining the one-day wwFest: VALORANT event, this Madeon performance surely ranks right up there with some of his best.

It feels like the artist pseudonym of Hugo Leclercq has been around for a lifetime and in some ways his 11 years as Madeon have represented just that. Few artists go on the musical journey from bedroom artist to world domination in their career, let alone at the speed of this unique Frenchman, but his projection through the ranks has been the bi-product of over a decade of top quality music and solid hard work. Madeon’s live sets are the visual and audial representation of this journey, and whilst the past 12 months have seen very few actual live performances, his recent set for wwFest: VALORANT somewhat makes up for that void.

In typical Madeon fashion, this one hour showcase is jam-packed with an array of genres blended effortlessly. Transitioning right through the gears – and years of his own music – Leclercq manages to drop over 50 tracks in this latest performance. Whilst the usual climaxes are dominated by his own releases, rogue choices from Frank Ocean, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, and Tame Impala bridge together this spectacular mix. This set is, in fact, one long highlight, with every track possessing its own stand out moment within the hour, and should not be slept on.

If you haven’t already listened to this Madeon wwFest special, now is your chance! Check it out below and delve into an hour of perfection from this incredible Frenchman.

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